Best Diploma Courses after Graduation & 12th Commerce 2021-22

Diploma Courses: There have been numerous interests that go unnoticed when we are engaged in our studies. Often times, there isn’t a credential that allows you to follow your passions. But it is no need to abandon your ambitions; in fact, you can pursue a diploma. Diploma courses are simple, quick, and comprehensive. It gives you a lot of future options of your profession. The issue here is what types of diploma courses are available after completing 10th and 12th commerce. Here is in this article, you will get to know about the various diploma courses and their details. 

Diploma Courses

List of Best Diploma Courses in India after Graduation or 12th

1. Diploma in Taxation Course

The Post Graduate Diploma in Taxation is a two-year diploma curriculum which covers theoretical and practical elements of indirect and direct tax, corporate accountancy and audit, income taxes, and other relevant topics. A least of 45 percent in grade 10th from every recognized university is necessary to be qualified for a postgraduate degree in taxes.

This field’s admissions procedure differs from one institution to the next. The most of institutions choose to admit students on the basis of their class 10+2 grades. Quite few institutions accept students depending on entrance tests administered at the institution levels.

Symbiosis Business School, Osmania College, Indian Law Society Law University, Pune, Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda, Bharati Vidyapeeth, and others are among the universities in India that provide postgraduate diplomas in taxes. The estimated price of a postgraduate diploma in taxes is somewhere between INR 5,000 and INR 2,00,000.

2. Diploma in accounting and finance course

Diploma course in Accounting and Finance is a one-year certification degree for individuals who successfully completed their 10+2 exams and also have Math as being one of their required subjects. A student who completes this program will receive a diploma in Accounting and Finance. Instead of being a scholastic program, this is more of a practical one.

Individuals who had completed their 10+2 examinations from such an Indian government-approved school are qualified to register for this program. Many institutions require a minimum of 50% in order to be considered. Entrance to this degree is mostly determined on performance, however many elite universities also hold their special entry exam for entrance to the Diploma in Accounting and Finance program.

3. PG Diploma In HR & Payroll Management


There’ll always be businesses needing to fill posts in human capital and payroll administration, regardless of the strength of the company. It is because no business could survive without such crucial support roles. This Diploma course In HR & Payroll Management is for people who want to understand the fundamentals of becoming effective in the disciplines of human resources and payroll management.

4. Diploma in Banking and Finance


A one year Post Graduate Diploma in Banking and Finance Management focuses on the abilities and techniques required in today’s financial sector. That program would equip applicants with new abilities tailored to a specific business strategy, rendering them more effective in the sector and increasing the probability of achievement for the sectors with which they are associated.

5. Post Graduate Program in Data Science


This Post graduate program in Data science course, which is considered of the finest data science courses in India, aims to improve the techno-managerial abilities and capabilities of functioning executives. Its cutting-edge programming is created and presented in conjunction with prominent analytics professionals, and the approach emphasizes hands-on learning. This data science course additionally performs current work in a variety of business functions and offers way to solve advisory services.

6. Diploma in Engineering

The Electric, Civil, Mechanic, Computer, and Aviation courses are the primary priority of the engineering degree. One might operate in the commercial, public, or non-profit sectors. This also involves being a professor or teacher.

To be admitted to a diploma course in engineering, a candidate must complete the tenth grade with such a recognised board rating of at least 35 % in science and arithmetic disciplines.

Structure of the Course: The study normally lasts three years and is separated in semester with such an annual evaluation exam. The course will prepare students to pass the JEE Main and Advance exams and seek B.Tech. or B.E. degrees.

7. Diploma in Computer Programming

A diploma course in computer programming provides the doors to rewarding careers in Website design and publication, electronics, health, transportation, production, robots, and machine intelligence, all of which revolve all around areas of the Computer Equipment Sector.

To be eligible for this diploma course, the applicant must have completed the 12th grade exam with Physics, Chemistry, and Math’s as the primary courses in order to be admitted to the diploma course in computer programming.

Structure of the Course: A full-time diploma in computer coding can last anywhere from one to two years, and it teaches pupils computer-based system skills.

8. Diploma in Fire and Safety

The fire and safety diploma course can assist you in pursuing a job in the fire dept., security agency, or emergency management. Chemical’s factories, construction firms, oil corporations, refinery, and industry companies are all places where the pupil may find a government or private work.

To be eligible for fire and safety diploma course, the applicant must complete the 10+2 exams with physics and chemistry as primary subjects from a recognised university with above-average grades. Some institutions accept students from any discipline, including science, arts, and commerce.

Structure of the Course: The program might last anything from six months to two years. Students learn how to adopt safeguards and protective mechanisms in the case of emergency.

9. Diploma course in Event Management

The events industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world, with strong roots. That is in sports, business, the arts, music, and hospitality. If you want to work in the entertainment industry, this is the profession for you. Taking a brief course in Event Management after your 12th grade might help you break into the theatrical business quickly.

You’ll need to be well-organized and attractive, as well as street smart and network effectively. You’ll need to be able to operate under pressure and communicate effectively both verbally and in writing. If you have an aptitude for planning events, this short-term course may be extremely profitable.

10. Diploma course in Advertising and Marketing

Another lucrative short-term degree diploma course is marketing and advertising. The media business expands at rapid pace throughout the world, and polls indicate that competent labor is in short supply. You’ll need excellent communication skills in order to adapt to a rapidly, fashionable lifestyle. In terms of compensation and bonuses, smart applicants are handsomely paid. You can work in digital media businesses, advertising and communication divisions of private corporations, and advertising companies after completing degree. You can however work as a freelancer if you have strong networking abilities.

11. Diploma course in Multimedia, & Visual Effects 3D Animation

After 12th grade, 3D Animation & Visual Effects is the most popular diploma course. The need for such diploma course, as well as the demand in entertainment sector, has increased at an unprecedented rate. A career in 3D Animation is among the most financially rewarding options available to students today. The ongoing need for cartoons and cinema has resulted in creation of variety of specialized courses to meet demand. These include expectations for the video games industry as well. This course covers a variety of subjects, including:

  • Story boarding
  • Compositing and post production
  • Designing basics
  • Lighting
  • Basics of 3D and animation

12. Diploma course in Hotel Management

The hospitality sector has developed tremendously in the last 2 centuries, offering a diverse range of prospects; the need for experts in this field has created it a significant job-oriented short-term course. Read on to learn more about best jobs in the service industry.

There are numerous jobs available in India and overseas, and this short-term diploma program in Hospitality Management will arrange you. Like for entry-level positions in restaurants, container ships, caterers, lodging, and customer experience jobs. The diploma takes a year to complete. This approach typically covers the following topics:

  • Front office management
  • Accommodation and leisure management
  • Hospitality marketing
  • Food and beverage management
  • Corporate communication

13. Diploma in Web Designing

Web development and design, which is an essential element of the IT industry, is another profitable short-term study after 12th. Many large businesses and sectors are in desperate need of web designers with the necessary skills. A web design certificate course will teach you the fundamentals of web design. Such as Java language, Search Engine Optimization, HTML, Adobe Flash, Photoshop, and web – based applications. After completing this course, one may easily find work or begin freelance assignments, which pay well depending on the tasks.

Apart from this there are various other diploma courses after graduation and 12th commerce like

  • Diploma in agriculture
  • Diploma in cybersecurity
  • Diploma course in cosmetology
  • Diploma in photography
  • Diploma course in video jockey and anchoring
  • Diploma course in journalism
  • Diploma course in culinary
  • Diploma in dental mechanics
  • Diploma course in plastic technology
Frequently Asked Questions About Diploma Courses

In the formal and non-formal educational sectors, there have been two sorts of diplomas/certificates that are issued. Diplomas and diplomas in the formal education industry are given by government-approved/recognized institutions, schools, and colleges, among others.

Diploma is sufficient for pupils who do not want to seek graduation in the future, regardless of how strong the phrase seems. It’s also a good option for individuals who are economically strapped but still want to get a good professional training.

No, in reality, the diploma helps in passing entrance examinations for a variety of higher education courses.

A professional diploma might cost anywhere between INR 50,000 and INR 3 lakhs per year.

Yes, you can take afternoon sessions for the diploma and finish your studies at the same time.

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