Digital Marketing Course Complete Details – Eligibility, Fees, Job and Salary 2021-22

Do you even have a strong desire to promote any type of webpage? Are you looking for ways to succeed in company using marketing strategies? Then this is the perfect solution to each of your problems. Yes, after conducting extensive investigation, we discovered that the globe has been engulfed by the digital world, with everything running through digital media. To complete every one of these tasks without any of the assistance of others, you must complete the Digital Marketing course.

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What is Digital Marketing Course?

Technology had opened a wide doorway for marketers with both the digital transformation. While the products we sell haven’t altered, the way we sell them has. Digital marketing, which has developed from traditional marketing, has created new prospects for organizations and prospective digital strategists.

The digital sector is increasing at a pace of 14% per year, giving it one of the most appealing job options in today’s market. As a result, now is an excellent moment to begin your work in digital marketing.

Digital Marketing Course

Today, digital marketing is the most effective and popular method of advertising. It’s mostly about connecting with clients through digital platforms such as search engines, social networks, email, and others. The contents of the Digital Marketing course would ensure that you ideal the skill of online or digital marketing by connecting out to your intended viewers in a much more effective and precise way across numerous social platforms, impressing and engaging them in order to transform them to consumers. It assists in the development and management of marketing strategies for your firm’s site. After finishing the digital marketing course, students will receive DMCA accreditation. Digital Marketing Certified Associate is just the full title of the DMCA.

Details on the Digital Marketing Course

The topics of the Digital Marketing Courses are summarized in table below. In the area below this page, you may make a complete answer for each one of your questions. So, read this post to learn everything there is to know about the DMCA certificate.


Digital Marketing

DMCA Full form

Digital Marketing Certified Associate

Eligibility & Requirement

Minimum Graduation


3 Months

Fee Offered

Rs. 36,000

Course Type

Certified Exam

Starting salary offered

Rs. 12,000 to 15,000 per month

Advance Courses

Advanced Web Analytics, Advanced SEO, Advanced social media

Employment opportunities

Digital Marketing Manager, SEO Executive, Social Media Marketing Expert in Startups, Mid-level & MNC Companies

Length and Expense of a Digital Marketing Online Course

This section contains information on the length and cost of a digital marketing program. This data may assist you in selecting the appropriate university and beginning your Digital India Program studies.

Duration of the Digital Marketing Course

The length of the DMCA approved program is three months. The period of a digital marketing education can range from three to six months, depending on the online certificate school or private institution you choose.

Fees for Digital Marketing Course

The cost of a digital marketing course varies depending on the institution. There are many institutions in India that provide digital marketing programs. For DMCA certificate, the anticipated digital marketing curriculum expense is around 35,000 rupees.

If applicants are enrolled in a digital marketing training as part of an educational course, costs may vary from one institution to the next. Program costs will be decided by institutions based on the main factors:

  • The type of institution
  • The college’s location
  • The university’s standing and ratings

Government institutions, on the other hand, will offer digital marketing programs at a reduced cost. Private universities, on the other hand, cost an approximate digital marketing program price 30-50k.

What is the Best Way to Begin a Career in Digital Marketing?

You’ll require two primary things in your foundation to get begun in digital marketing: knowledge and training. The great news is that companies aren’t always looking for marketing credentials or decades of expertise; they might require employees with expertise that were not yet offered in university. Fortunately, there seem to be a plethora of excellent online resources for learning the skills and tools. If you don’t have any expertise, try the following 

       Donate your time to a nonprofit that is in need of digital marketers.

       Register for an internship in your area.

       Create a blog and share your digital marketing knowledge and ideas.

       To improve your résumé, participate in online classes and certificates. 

Why is Digital Marketing Increasing in Popularity?

  • Reach: The web is used by over 46 million People. There really is no other method to go to that numerous of them in one location.
  • Customization: Digital platforms offer information on your viewer’s interests, gender, age, purchasing habits, and other traits, allowing you to tailor your campaign and reach the right people.
  • Affordable: When contrasted to TV ads or print advertising, digital media is more cost effective because it can address individual clients.
  • Measurable: Because all sets of data could be gathered in real-time to evaluate the efficacy of your plans, it is simpler to monitor the success of online marketing operations.
  • Increased interaction: Digital marketing enables potential customers to interact with your business by browsing your site, researching about your services and products, evaluating them, providing comments, and so on.
  • Get yourself upskilled in this field by doing digital marketing course.

Digital Marketing Course Key Features

Live & Class Room Course

Industry Recognized Certificate

Placement Assistance

Online Classes

Flexible Schedule

Eligibility for Courses in Digital Marketing

  • Any least graduate candidate interested in digital marketing can participate in this digital marketing course material and undertake a certification test.
  • Those interested in pursuing a profession in digital marketing must acquire the necessary abilities.
  • To be qualified for the DMCA UG program, you must have completed 10+2 or comparable from an authorized institution or organization.
  • Applicants wanting to pursue a PG in Digital India curriculum should be graduates with a 10+2+3 from a recognized board.

Responsibilities and Roles in Digital Marketing

Digital marketer’ job duties vary based on their expertise and specialty.

An SEO expert, for instance, will be familiar with all areas of SEO, such as how to increase website traffic, locate and assess high- quality content, and do competitive studies.

A marketing manager, on either side, will develop a social media plan that is consistent with the visual image, establish a strategy of communications and content approach, produce and modify material for every social media platform, and keep up with the newest digital marketing strategies. 

Learn these skill by doing hands on training in digital marketing, up to date curriculum with the best faculties.

Careers in Digital Marketing

Whether it’s a startup, a mid-sized firm, or top MNC’s, everyone is using digital marketing strategies to acquire clients. As a result, businesses are beginning to use online marketing or digital marketing strategies to improve their branding. Because DMCA licensed applicants have a variety of work options. Following is an analysis of job titles that applicants may qualify for after completing digital marketing programs.

  • Content marketing.
  • Web statistics
  • Search engine marketing (SEM)
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Social media marketing (SMM)
  • Use of email marketing.


  Course Duration

  • Duration: 120 Hours (4 Months)
  • Option 1 : 1 Hour (Daily Basis)
  • Option 2 : 2 Hours (Alternate Days )
  • Option 3 : 6 Hours (Weekend Basis)

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Frequently Asked Questions

According to a 2017 information analytic latest survey, the following are two of the top paying Digital Marketing job positions:

$113,000 to $152,000 for an info architect.

$88,000 to $134,000 for a Large Data Analyst.

Digital Marketing Certified Associate

Yes, it is currently a viable professional opportunity. Digital marketing is a job option that is continually expanding and expanding. Additional digital marketing personnel will be needed as more interaction avenues become available.

Students should have fundamental surfing abilities, MS Word, and experience with digital marketing platforms such as Facebook, mail, and YouTube as clients.

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