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BAT Business accounting and taxation course has been in fierce competition. Individuals and companies have gradually recognized the power of tax filing and record keeping. The methods and techniques of business accounting and taxation has developed throughout time, making it a much more sophisticated and accurate activity. 

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What Is BAT - Business Accounting and Taxation Course

The Business Accounting and Taxation BAT course is all about Business Accounting and Taxation, so it teaches us more about the Business Accounting structure and a  company’s financial situation. We also learn about Tax regime, that requires a  company, or individual to pay a portion of their income or revenue to the Government as a tax  

Business Accounting and Taxation Course

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Business Accounting and Taxation Course


NIMB  (Unit of IPA)


6 Months


BAT Course Fees

2       Lakhs INR-8 Lakhs


Is it worthwhile to do a course in business accounting and taxation?

BAT- Business Accounting and Taxation course seeks to familiarize you with the fundamentals of the three core aspects of such Commerce, namely Management, Accountancy, and Tax, regardless you wish to pursue careers in Accounting, Financing, or Taxation. Have an understanding of the advantages of taking a Business Accounting and Taxation course:

  • It is a great short-term Postgraduate program for commerce and non-commerce academics, because it is one of best short programs following BCom.
  • The Business Accounting and Taxation course provides students with understanding of technical management accounting such as  Tally Prime with both the goal of training them on par with qualified CAs and MBAs.
  • This course was created in response to the increase for accountants in India, and also was designed to prepare commerce students for careers in accounting and finance.
  • Companies such as Genpact, Adobe, and Bajaj are among the leading employers of Business Accounting and Taxation graduates.
  • This program will teach you not just accountancy, and also financial monitoring and reporting, broadening your options in the sphere of commerce.
  • ERP system, MIS reports, SAP, QuickBooks, audits, understanding about payroll, Goods and Services Tax, and so forth are among the essential parts of a business, accountancy, and tax program.
  • In India, the remuneration for a Business Accounting and Taxation course varies from 0.5 lakhs to 8 lakhs INR.

Syllabus for Certification in Business Accountancy & Taxation BAT Course

The certification in Business Accounting and Taxation Course is aimed to inculcate in students a thorough knowledge of the topic. The course is structured in such a way that students get a thorough understanding of all aspects of it.

The syllabus adopted among most colleges and universities is as follows:

Module 1

Finance Reports using Tally ERP Software – this involves entering and recording transactions in Tally. With corporate case reports, discover how to apply Tally for financial accounting.

Module 2

 GST Application, Assessment, and Registration — this module covers GST potential application, market value, and registration. Study how to use Tally to pay cash, file rebates and returns, and keep track of transactions.

Module 3

 Direct Taxation – contains taxable income and tax filings accounting, TDS financial reporting, and TDS return submission.

Module 5

Financial Statement Finalization – this module contains the creation of several kinds of financial accounts. Management Research Papers will teach you how to produce financial statements.

Module 7

BUSY Program – Try to install and configure the program, as well as how to establish invoices, submit activities, and generate GST returns and Trial Balances.


Requirements for the Business Accounting & Taxation Course – BAT Course

  • To be qualified for the Post Postgraduate Course in Business Accounting and Taxation, a student must be a student with a Commerce experience.
  • The training is particularly useful for new graduates or those with less than two decades of job expertise.

How can you Enroll in a BAT – Business Accounting or Taxation Course ?

To enroll for the Business Accounting and Taxation Course program, go to the institution’s official site and get the offline request form or register online. Applicants should have a bachelor ‘s certificate in a commerce-related discipline or specialization, such as B. COM, BBA, etc. Every institution that offers the Business Accounting and Taxation Course charges differently, and it is available both in online and full-time formats. BAT Course Fees is around 25000.

BAT Business Accounting & Taxation Course Key Features

Live online & Offline Classes

Industry Recognized Diploma

Placement Assistance

Online Classes

Flexible Schedule

Career Opportunities after BAT- Business Accounting and Taxation Course

  • Analyst or a Senior Associate
  •  Accountant, Tax Consultants
  • Accounts Executive
  • Deputy General Manager

  Course Duration

  • Duration: 6 Months
  • Option 1 : 1-1/2 Hour (Alternate Days Basis)
  • Option 3 : 6 Hours (Weekend Basis)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Business Accounting, Tally Prime, BUSY , Income Tax, ITR, TDS and GST are several  essential parts of a business, accounting, and taxes program. In India, the pay for a business accounting and taxation program varies from 2 lakhs to 8 lakhs INR. 

You can select between a variety of prospective job descriptions after finishing this advanced program, including tax consultant, corporation legal secretary, company law assistant, financial manager, accounting executive, and tax analysis, to mention a few. The average remuneration for business accounting and taxation course capabilities is between Rs. 2 Lacs to 8 Lacs p.a.

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How You Benefit From Business Accounting and Taxation Course

  • Rigorous curriculum designed by industry experts
  • Complete this program while you work

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