PG Diploma In HR & Payroll Management - Syllabus, Jobs and Scope 2021-22

There’ll always be businesses needing to fill posts in human capital and payroll administration, regardless of the strength of the company. It is because no business could survive without such crucial support roles. This Diploma course In HR & Payroll Management is for people who want to understand the fundamentals of becoming effective in the disciplines of human resources and payroll management. 

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What is Diploma In HR & Payroll Management?

Payroll managerial, multicultural recruiting, negotiating, dealing with a management team, payroll, perks, health, payroll systems, and basic management methods will all be covered. 

This payroll course starts with one of the main crucial knowledges you’ll have to understand the significance of payroll system and also how they operate.

Diploma In HR & Payroll Management

The Payroll Diploma Course

You’ll understand the value of maintaining good documentation, providing proper employee training, and guaranteeing that company operations comply with HMRC’s regulations.

When workers leave or join a business, specific payroll processes should be implemented, and this program teaches precisely what you’ll do in such scenarios. You’ll discover the distinction among net and gross income, how and where to compensate for different sorts of taxes, how to compute national insurance, and a variety of many other critical payroll operations.

The payroll course has the following strategic goals

  • Give in-depth expertise of payroll and taxation computations according to revenue tax rules.


  • Do deliver expertise of multiple taxation elements and retiral payouts for payroll experts.
  • To maintain HR payroll experts informed about the current income tax patterns and the implications of developments in India’s income and economic safety regulations.
  • To better equip HR payroll experts who’ve been trying to deal with rudimentary evaluation related problems in order to determine prevalent holes in the HR payroll process and payroll accounting.
  • To allow HR payroll experts to accomplish greater adherence with income tax regulations like pension scheme laws, gratuity guidelines, annuity strategies, alternative investments, and so on.

Payroll course is ideal for:

  • HR payroll experts who want to improve their knowledge of payroll administration, payroll procedure, and payroll adherence, or who want to work in payroll and human capital.
  • Existing HR payroll experts looking for better opportunities • Individuals who presently are engaged in HR payroll and want to develop their tasks and base and widen their understanding whilst staying up to speed with newest taxation developments, payroll procedure, and payroll adherence standards.
  • Businesses that wish to better equip and refresh their HR payroll experts on the current taxation developments, payroll procedure, and payroll conformity in their industry, as well as the effect of significant initiatives in income tax rules.

The main elements of the payroll course

  • Subscription-based training version: After completing the 8-hour online event, students would have the opportunity to participate in live webinar hosted by KPMG India specialists on a quarter schedule in order to keep up to date on all payroll regulatory updates.
  • A payroll course that demonstrates lifelong teaching: For the very next year, respondents could even register in the second year for renewal and quarterly workshops at a considerably lower cost.
  • Focused on practitioners: This payroll training is extremely industry focused and is delivered by KPMG payroll specialists in India. Relevant aspects and case analysis are used to teach it.
  • Assistance throughout the payroll curriculum: Students may ask questions during and after the courses if they have any. Students would also receive a one-year subscription to a learning management system (LMS) with legible materials.
  • Although you’re not an HR payroll worker, you can benefit from our payroll course: This payroll course is appropriate both for specialists that are not presently employed as HR payroll staff and those who want to better their lives in HR payroll.

The HR Diploma Course

This HR Diploma course will teach you about the aim, importance, and aspects of reality resources. Then you’ll discover how and where to achieve the greatest potential productivity from the workers at each and every phase of their careers, from first hiring to advancement and education.

From interviewing strategies to greeting new staff to comprehend ending the scope and amount of high-level strategy thinking, this HR and Payroll course will help you build all of the abilities you’ll have to thrive. You’ll also try to handle any difficulties or complaints that could emerge, such as work harassment and discipline processes. The importance of law and good practices is stressed continuously, for instance, in the worker recruiting process and the preparation of contract terms.

Who Should Pursue a Human Resource Management Diploma?

  • Pupils who are capable of taking sound decisions.
  • Some who aspire to work in the field of administration.
  • Those who would like to work in the field of human resource development.
  • Those who would like to pursue advanced research in the field.

Requirements for a Human Resource Management Diploma

  • The applicant should have received at least 50% (40 percent to 45 percent for reserved class applicants) in the 10+2 or comparable exam from a recognized state or central institution.
  • At the moment of admission, the applicant must not have any unresolved backlogs in any of topics covered in class 12th or comparable. Besides the above-mentioned qualifying standards, individual colleges/institutions may well have extra requirements that applicants must meet in order to be admitted.
  • Pupils in the reserve group must submit their reservations certificate granted by the appropriate authority in order to be granted the advantages that apply to them.
  • The aforementioned qualifying requirements apply to the majority of institutions and universities around the nation that provide this program to pupils.

Admissions to the Human Resource Management Diploma Program

  • The majority of Human Resource Management Diploma program applications are conducted on a merit-based criteria, with a couple institutes opting for CET-based admission.
  • Individuals that have completed their 10+2 or comparable exam with a least of 50% (40 percent to 45 percent for reserved class candidates) may apply to colleges/institutions that provide the program.
  • For admission to Human Resource Management Diploma course, several universities provide a universal admissions test. As a result, pupils will have to apply for such examinations.
  • Just after examination, a merit list of eventually eligible individuals is produced, and applicants are allowed to attend in the admission procedure by the relevant institution or university.
  • After ultimate seating allocation is completed, the applicants are required to pay the education fees and enroll for the scholastic session.
  • Yet, for most institutions, entrance is a simple procedure that involves merit-based admittance to the program.

Human Resource Management Diploma

Course overview and curriculum: The course’s curriculum is structured in such a way that pupils are gradually introduced to all the course’s core concepts.


Semester I

Semester II

Principles of Management

Human Resource Management

Marketing and Management

Information Technology for Management

Business Communication

Financial Accounting

Effective H.R. Training and Development Strategy

Wages and Salary Administration

Industrial Relations and Labor Law

Organizational Behavior



Diploma in HR & Payroll Management Key Features

Live & Class Room Course

Industry Recognized Certificate

Placement Assistance

Online Classes

Flexible Schedule

Career Opportunities after Post Graduate Diploma in HR & Payroll Management

  • Accountant Manager
  • Financial Analyst
  • Tax Practitioner
  • Tax Accountant
  • Assistant Coach
  • Management Control Accountant

  Course Duration

  • Duration: 120 Hours (4 Months)
  • Option 1 : 1 Hour (Daily Basis)
  • Option 2 : 2 Hours (Alternate Days )
  • Option 3 : 6 Hours (Weekend Basis)

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Frequently Asked Questions

An MBA with Human Resource as a focus or a Master’s degree, certification, diploma, or degree study in HR may be pursued to start a profession in HR. HR courses are available in traditional, digital, and distance learning formats and may be taken full – time or part.

Taxed perks, worker set-up, yearly salary evaluations, annual bonuses, extra payments, holidays and public holidays, periods of absences, 12-month reports, human resource management data technologies, equal pay, and worker pay equity are now all aspects where HR and payroll must work directly together.

An HR professional’s usual entry-level qualification is a bachelor’s degree. Workers with a bachelor ‘s degree in human capital are more likely to be prepared to create an effect right away. HR managers carefully plan an institution’s administrative duties.

Yes, several institutions offer this service to pupils via distant learning. Some universities also supply all of the course content.

To work as an HR administrator, you wouldn’t need a degree or any particular post credentials. Nevertheless, human resources expertise, managerial knowledge, and Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development degrees are all extremely desired.

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