Investment Banking Course Complete Details – Eligibility, Fees, Job and Salary

Investment Banking Course assesses a student’s opportunity to initiate a rigorous and methodical framework for determining value for publicly traded and privately held companies for the period of M&A transactions, LBOs, IPOs, reorganizations, and other financial decisions. The majority of researchers, whether new and seasoned, believe that investment is all about data, theories, math’s, and research. The IB certificate test encompasses a broad range of wealth management expertise, including these topics.

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What is Investment banking course?

The Investment banking course focuses on the following topics:

  • Fundamentals of Investment Banking
  • Evaluation of Financial Statements
  • Valuations of asset classes, including DCF
  • Restructuring and Business Actions
  • Initial Public Offering and rising of funds
  • Acquisition and Mergers
  • Analysis of Events
  • Buyouts with Leverage 

Investment Banking Course

About Investment banking course Online

The globalization of financial markets, as well as many other asset categories, has necessitated the hiring of Investment Banking Analyst with such a higher degree of complexity and a thorough knowledge of markets, economy, customers, and technologies. The IB certificate is a certification that is meant for finance experts who desire to develop their skills as investment banking analysts.

Who are skilled in accountancy, finance, statistical research, and business analysis?

Case studies, projects, and hands-on activities are among the engaging learning strategies used in this curriculum.

What qualifications do you require to succeed in Investment Banking course?

  • Technical Expertise
  • Accountancy Expertise
  • Analytic and Arithmetic Skills
  • Understanding of finance and mergers and acquisitions laws
  • Understanding of Transaction Structure and Closing Principles
  • Microsoft Office proficiency is also a must 
  • Financial Modeling Expertise

Soft Skills

  • Leadership
  • Interaction and networking abilities are essential.
  • Authorities
  • Creative Capabilities
  • Negotiations
  • Endurance
  • Perspectives on the World
  • Working in a fast-paced atmosphere is a must.
  • Skills for Entrepreneurship

Qualifications to work as an investment banker

In India, there is no requirement to pursue a specific program or stream in order to work as an investment banker. Anyone with a thorough knowledge of financial resources and trading has a chance to work as an Investment Banker. Despite said that, the profession of Investment Banking course or program is incredibly competitive; therefore, having finished a specialized degree in a relevant discipline qualifies a candidate for a position.

For those seeking entry-level careers, the aforementioned programs are beneficial:

  • Bachelor of Commerce with Honors is a degree in business administration.
  • Bachelor’s degree in Finance/Economics
  • Finance Bachelors of Business Administration
  • Chartered Financial Analyst course

Freshmen, businessmen, lawyers, and auditors who’ve been engaged with business transactions, private equity and hedging funds investment, or associated investments banking activities will profit from the program.

Scope of Investment banking

In India, investment banking course has a wide range of applications. India is a fast-growing country with a slew of multinational corporations opening up shop. Many corporate finance roles have become available as a result of this. Companies seek individuals who can conduct comprehensive market survey prior to providing any recommendations about new initiatives. Investment banking course is a thrilling and profitable job with numerous prospects for advancement.

Types of job roles as an Investment banker

Because expertise is everything in the business of Investment banking, a student’s work functions are quite regimented and bureaucratic. Applicants must internship at an investing bank company until being offered a formal employment in the industry. Not just at the internship stage, but rather at the management position, the knowledge gained is quite significant. Some of jobs that an Investor can do are listed here.

Analyst or junior analyst

Applicant must have 1 to 2 decades of field experience to be considered for this entry-level post. This position is often filled by grads. An applicant for this position must be able to do fundamental tasks such as making presentation and evaluating basic financial information.

Analyst (Associate/Senior)

Applicants may be upgraded to Associate or Senior Consultant after 3 to 4 years of service. Partners are frequently in charge of presenting concepts, which benefits in the recruitment of investors. Any individual seeking an associate-level career in the area will benefit from an MBA background.

Leadership roles

Investment Banker can advance to senior positions in Investment Banking companies, such as Vice Presidents, Management Directors, and so on, with more expertise in the sector. These professions pay well, but they need applicants to have extensive expertise and practice in the industry.

Exams info

The IB test is available through AIWMI on an outside, distant system. By submitting the test cost, applicants can arrange an examination. The test program provides the test links to the students via mail that once test fee is paid and enrollment is verified. Applicants can take exams at any time and from any location within the following term by using this test link.

To take this exam, applicants must have quick internet connectivity and a working webcam on their computer or laptop.

Conclusion about Investment banking course

Investment banking course provides potential career advancement opportunities as well as cash rewards. There are numerous work prospects in the area for both newcomers and seasoned experts.

You may attend an investment banking program to understand the techniques or expand your expertise if you’d like to operate as an investment manager or if you are already operating in the sector and would like to scale up your base to place yourself for even more profitable prospects. If you’re looking to make a career change, an online investment banking school can assist.

Investment Banking Course Key Features

Live & Class Room Training

Industry Recognized Certificate

Placement Assistance

Online Classes

Flexible Schedule

Career Opportunities after Certificate in Investment Banking course

One might pursue a profession in the following disciplines after successfully completing the Investment banking course:

  • Banking on investments
  • Private equity (PE) is a type of investment
  • Hedge Funds are a type of investment firm that invests in
  • Equity Analysis
  • Assets Management 
  • Finance and Planning for Corporation
  • Administration of Private Wealth

Freshmen, businessmen, lawyers, and auditors who’ve been engaged with business transactions, private equity and hedging funds investment, or associated investments banking activities will profit from the program.

  Course Duration

  • Duration: 120 Hours (4 Months)
  • Option 1 : 1 Hour (Daily Basis)
  • Option 2 : 2 Hours (Alternate Days )
  • Option 3 : 6 Hours (Weekend Basis)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Largest full-service investment banks

  • JPMorgan Chase.
  • Goldman Sachs.
  • BofA Securities.
  • Morgan Stanley.
  • Credit Suisse.
  • Deutsche Bank.

The price of the investment banking program is INR 1,10,000. All major banks accept credit cards, debit cards, and net banking for payment. We also provide EMI loan choices.

Applicants must pass all examinations with such a score of at least 60% and maintain an average participation of at minimum 80% for each of the three levels to be considered for placement.

The curriculum qualifies you for careers in investment banking, analytics, and financial advice. The particular function is determined by the applicant ‘s skills and interest.

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  • Complete this program while you work

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